does bride and bridesmaid jewelry match on wedding day?

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Submitted on: 10 May 10

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Does the bridesmaid and bride jewelry on wedding day match? Can it? Such as all the same necklaces? What do you think, what could unify everyone jewelry wise? ANy experiences?


  1. firetwinz

    not really but i guess it should match their outfit

  2. Suz123

    No, not usually.

    It is not necessary for the jewelry to match.

    I have been a bridesmaid at weddings . . . where the bride gave us bridesmaids matching jewelry as a gift . . . to wear on her wedding day.

    But bride’s jewelry does not have to match the bridesmaids.

  3. JDIDDY *

    It could, it’s whatever you want. I mean it IS your wedding. But, normally I think it’s nicer if the bride has nicer jewlery than her bridesmaids.

  4. notyou311

    No. Noone wears the same jewelry as the bride. She is supposed to stand out and be different.

  5. Kim C

    NO. The bride stands alone!

    But the Maid of Honor and brides maids can be simialar.

    M-O-H should be slightly different than the b-m’s

  6. megmathias

    No, the bride should be center of attention. Bridesmaids should pretty much look the same, but stick to simular jewerly jewels like diamonds or pearls!

  7. rachel b

    Your choice but i think the bride should have better bigger jewelry than the bridesmaids, some stores even sell look-a-like jewelry so the bride can have the big one and the bridesmaids have the baby ones

  8. Wifeforlife

    The bride is the star. Her jewelery should accent and compliment her gown. In many cases, her jewelery is her gift from her groom and costs a lot more than the costume jewelery worn by her attendants. If the attendants are wearing identical or similar dresses, the bride generally provides them all with matching jewelery that compliments the style of dress. This is her gift to them. It also prevents any of them from showing up with 8 inch dangly messes that would detract in photos! LOL! (I’ve seen it happen where one of the bridesmaids wore her hair up and had the most ridiculous “Vegas”-style earrings that caught every bit of flash and light!!! What a nightmare!)

  9. TX2step

    Very often the bridesmaids will wear a necklace or earrings that is a gift from the bride to them; and the bride may wear a necklace or earrings that is “borrowed” from a family member. But, if they all wore solitaires, the style would be similar to each other. The bride should be a little bit different from the bridesmaids anyways:)

  10. Jessica

    Not always. A lot of times brides will ask the bridesmaid’s jewelry to match but not necessarily to her own. It can if the bride wants, though. I just told my bridesmaids to wear whatever jewelry they wanted or none at all, just please have it be black. I am hoping someone is gutsy enough to wear some chunky black beads, I think that would be fun.

  11. weddingqueen

    The bride’s jewelry should be unique amd special for her.Although, the bridesmaid’s jewelry should coordinate. Same style and type of metals used.

  12. CWTCH


  13. SirenSong

    It shouldn’t despite the fact that countless brides give their attendants jewelry to wear on the wedding day as a gift. It is not a gift if it is meant to be worn for the bride’s happiness. Most people won’t be able to see the jewelry unless it is flashy and even then there is no rule that says it must match. Not everyone is comfortable in the same jewelry types either.

  14. DNP

    Usually the bride will want to wear the most stunning pieces of jewelry. Just like her dress will be the most eye catching. However, you can make the jewelry part of the wedding ‘theme’. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you could consider beachy jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets with shells or beach stones! Check out
    For other wedding themes you can check out
    I like weddings in vineyards where wine and grapes are the theme. You could get earrings or pendents that look like grapes!
    I also had a customer who was a goth. She wore black lipstick, black nail polish and she and her groom ordered wedding rings with black diamonds! So jewelry can make a statement.

    As suggested by others, you can gift the jewelry to your bridesmaids, specially if you are asking them to wear something unusual they would otherwise have to buy.

    Have fun!

  15. kge

    I would say if you’re going for a more unified look, have the bridesmaids jewelry be the same but yours either completely different or bigger and better. Such as:

    1 drop pearl necklace-bridesmaids

    you- a whole, full pearl necklace

    Whatever the bridesmaids have, make sure the bride stands out, so double it. A necklace with 1 row for the bridesmaid, maybe 2 for the bride and a little variation on it.

    This is a great site to go to, nice values!

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